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Torgoen T16 Watch Review

Torgoen is one of my favorite watch brands for their blend of styling cues from other aviation watch companies, Swiss movements, and attainable pricing.  The T16 is a step-up from the T10 that we took a look at last week with the addition of a chronograph feature.

With an MSRP of around $300 the T16 is a watch that is very well rounded for the price that you pay.  You get a Swiss Quartz movement, chronograph, wonderful case, and very clean fit and finish. 

Watch Head -
The case of the T16 is very similar to the T10 with the only changes really being the addition of the chronograph buttons.  45mm makes it a nice size for viewing and not to large for most wrists.  The mineral crystal is scratch resistant as I have hit more than a couple of doors while owning this watch for the last six months.

The Swiss chronograph movement is most likely a Ronda but they once again don’t mention its make anywhere in the documentation.  The three inner chronograph dials are countersunk into the back of the dial and are easy to read with red hands.  Buttons for the function of the chronograph are small which I found a bit painful when operating.  This isn't a huge flaw since I don't use the function very often but I could see it as a problem for someone that relies on it or uses them with gloves.  The entire layout of the dials, numbers, date window and hands just looks perfect and nothing feels crowded.

Band -
This band is one of the most comfortable rubber versions that I have ever worn.  With a soft feel and no notches or slots to gather sweat the band allows for all temperature comfort.  The sizing notches are spaced very well, which is something that I have not noticed on most watches but I find myself choosing one of three depending on the temperature.  The “TORGOEN” letter spread across the band is a nice touch that borrows its style from Breitling.

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Overall -
I find myself reaching for this watch more-so than any of my others every morning.  Its comfortable, easy to read, and matches with pretty much every occasion.  I have had no problems with it at all over the last six months.  On a recent trip to China, this is the only watch I took with me.  In 100º muggy heat, it was comfortable and I never needed to take it off to cool down.

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Reader Comments (9)

I like the look of the T16 very much, but I can't find it anywhere to try on before I buy. My main issue is that I have a 'larger than average' wrist. Many watch bands are too small for me. Do you happen to know the maximum size of the rubber wrist band, on the last notch?

Thanks. Keep up the great work!
October 3, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMarcus
I just purchased the T10 in black. Do you have an reviews or comments in regard to this watch?
January 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJeromy

Check out the REVIEWS tab at the top. There is a review of the T10 in brown.
January 26, 2012 | Registered CommenterJames L. Helms
Do you know if there is a difference between the T16101 and the T16301 you have here other than the straps (They look identical)? I only ask because one is $289 and the other is $425 on amazon.


PS, whenever I look for reviews, I always end up back at your website, keep up the good work
January 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBen
@Ben They are the same just different straps. Difference likely due to the different sellers.

Thanks for the kind words, will do!
January 26, 2012 | Registered CommenterJames L. Helms
@ James.

Thanks for your quick reply! If I were to use this as a work horse, and occasionally a going out watch, would you choose leather or rubber? I have only ever owned Bracelet type watches and can't decide. I nearly went for a bracelet PRC 200 but the price and looks of the Torgoen can't be beat

January 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBen

I'm partial to leather myself. More of a natural feel that works in almost any situation. If you plan on sweating in it a lot then I may lean towards a rubber strap for longevity.
January 28, 2012 | Registered CommenterJames L. Helms
Nice watch review site! Can you tell me if the Torgoen T16 has a screw-down crown? Thanks in advance...
April 21, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSteve
Hello I need some direction on purchasing a watch for my husband, an airline captain for the last 30 years.
I have no idea which Torgoen watch I should purchase.
His current watch is the Breitling Aerospace which is currently dying. Help!
November 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterGerry

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